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@teacat_marnie (⚡️Teacat) tweeted:

30 DAYS UNTIL THOR 3 RELEASE #Thor3 #ThorRagnarok #countdown #MYART 24 days left!! https://t.co/WDA5G6ctoi

@mindhvntr (paola) tweeted:

Thor 4 not only directed by Taika Waititi but will have Natalie Portman as Female Thor and Tessa Thompson as LGBTQ… https://t.co/sr1YeTDSMi

@oswaldojor (Oswaldo Eustáquio) tweeted:

Em instantes, reportagem completa sobre a trilha do Hacker do Intercept. A reportagem foi até o site secreto de Gre… https://t.co/vtMcXXDKM0

@spyderladies13 (Faye ⧗ Natasha Roman) tweeted:

Exciting things from #MarvelSDCC #BlackWidow #ScarletWitch in Dr Strange! Jane Foster as #Thor #Hawkeye with Kate B… https://t.co/ykW2UbLvIS

@TaikaWaititi (Taika Waititi) tweeted:

@evaandheriud Correction. She's called Mighty Thor.

@thetzechun (TZE CHUN) tweeted:

Loki is the hero of the Thor movies send tweet

@MCU_Direct (MCU Direct) tweeted:

The new ruler of Asgard will be looking for their special someone in #ThorLoveAndThunder... https://t.co/TBCIwZD0nq https://t.co/jUcHu7H46C

@OhNoSheTwitnt (The Volatile Mermaid) tweeted:

The proper term for a female scientist is scientist. The proper term for a female athlete is athlete. The proper te… https://t.co/rsStTMA10d

@RedLReviews (Red Lantern Reviews) tweeted:

Can I just say that Jane Thor has like, one of the coolest designs ever https://t.co/wI8nZVsTIe

@BuhardiMarvel (⎊۞ La Buhardilla Mar) tweeted:

'Thor: Love and Thunder' ocurrirá antes de los acontecimientos de 'Guardianes de la Galaxia Vol.3', según ha revela… https://t.co/7JHK5VodUn

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