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Trend time: Mon Jul 22, 2019
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Like for f*male Thor RT for frog Thor https://t.co/NxMI32dT41

@AsocSimuladores (los simuladores out ) tweeted:

Los Simuladores predijeron a #Thor https://t.co/VcrHhn5kuN

@galacticaactual () tweeted:

PC has officially ruined the movies! Agent 007 will be portrayed by a black female. Marvel will have its first… https://t.co/fmuhLLueIC

@CNNEE (CNN en Español) tweeted:

Natalie Portman tendrá el poder del martillo en la nueva película de "Thor" https://t.co/9eqLdnLAUy

@downeycumber (Valentina) tweeted:

Robert asiente y aprueba todo, Evans se caga de risa, Mark todo nervioso, el grito de Robert cuando muestran las fo… https://t.co/7uTo5QGh3c

@MrNiceGuy18_58 (Jimmy Folino) tweeted:

Can I have your attention please. Jane Foster is not Female Thor or Thor Girl. Her name is The Mighty Thor. G… https://t.co/YdYQzfOMK5

@calgarysun (Calgary Sun) tweeted:

Someone used a fake ID of Marvel’s Thor to buy weed online https://t.co/O64ej1TlNY By @BrenBures https://t.co/VWdyt46GJS

@SeriesTWBZ (Séries TV Show BR) tweeted:

Taika Waititi confirma que a personagem de Natalie Portman em 'Thor 4: Love & Thunder' será chamada de 'Poderosa Th… https://t.co/SJehG2

@Laura_Cobanius () tweeted:

@EscoBlades @TaikaWaititi I want Thor to be in it for exactly one scene. We hear a knock on a door, a woman opens… https://t.co/ODUUYA9OSS

@ManaByte (Jeremy Conrad) tweeted:

Jane Foster Will be the 'Mighty Thor' in #ThorLoveAndThunder https://t.co/pUitEMUqhn https://t.co/5KLhfDczk0

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