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@EduGladiators (EduGladiators) tweeted:

@ChouinardJahant (collidingwithscience) tweeted:

We have gone from ditto sheets to copy machines & type-writers. from the Dewey Decimal System to the Internet, Goog… https://t.co/iy9kUb

@champforkids () tweeted:

RT @EduGladiators:

@nathan_stevens (Nathan Stevens) tweeted:

@Rdene915 Thank you everyone for being awesome participants tonight #formativechat https://t.co/v9to43j0jk

@ssseason7 (Autumn Ottenad) tweeted:

RT @saarbris: A2: Hopefully, teacher candidates will enter the profession with greater training and commitment to informally check for unde…

@cbeyerle (Chris Beyerle) tweeted:

@nathan_stevens A3: Formative assessment of the future I think will include more open media based responses such as… https://t.co/N2INTL4D2D

@ChouinardJahant (collidingwithscience) tweeted:

Thank you Nathan @nathan_stevens great questions tonight #formativechat https://t.co/H9aQ1ErEb7

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Thank you @nathan_stevens @Rdene915 #formativechat https://t.co/3ANf8byZHl

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