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@abyar93 (Asfand Bakht Yar- AB) tweeted:

RT @MehwishHayat: At last not only we’ll get our voice heard on issues like Kashmir but we have new trade markets for our goods as well. Th…

@repenzall (Ozma Malik) tweeted:

RT @wisalbcn: میں نے الیکشن سے پہلے سوچھا تھا کہ انشاء اللہ ایک دن آئے گا خان امریکہ صدر کے سامنے بغیر پرچی پاکستان کو ریپریزنٹ کرے گا

@repenzall (Ozma Malik) tweeted:

RT @PTIofficial: 15 years of fighting this war on terror, over 70,000 Pakistani casualties. Over 150 billion dollars lost to the economy. S…

@_aziz_pk (Abdul Aziz) tweeted:

RT @ameerabbas84: دورے کی سادگی سے لیکر واشنگٹن میں 30000 ہموطنوں سے 53 منٹ فی البدیہہ تاریخی خطاب تک، سرمایہ کاروں کی ملاقات سے لیکر قومی…

@PTICyberForce (PTICyberForce) tweeted:

RT @SaffinaEllahi1: And another one bites the dust! Without even being aware he launches his charm offensive-works a treat every single t…

@mohammadalyas4 (Raja M A Pardesi) tweeted:

RT @DebraFBloom: If only America had a leader like Imran Khan who values self respect and dignity. #KhanMeetsTrump https://t.co/BsbwyqLRqc

@SwatiJawadPTI (Jawad Ali Khan) tweeted:

RT @pid_gov: US-Pakistan Business Council delegation led by Mr. Myron Brilliant, Executive Vice President and Head of International Affairs…

@PTICyberForce (PTICyberForce) tweeted:

RT @SaffinaEllahi1: Naturally, Melania beaming from ear to ear

@Pakfaith (Maria Zafar) tweeted:

RT @AdvSWB: I hope that’s protocol enough for critics .. #KhanMeetsTrump https://t.co/e0WR9xGwD7

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @BhittaniKhannnn: "Pakistan will save millions of lives in Afghanistan (through peace talks), they have a power that other nations don't…

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