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Trend time: Mon Jul 22, 2019
Trend location: Fresno / United States
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@HeckAwesome (Carrie Baughcum #MPM) tweeted:

RT @EduGladiators:

@nathan_stevens (Nathan Stevens) tweeted:

@ChristineBemis2 @Rdene915 Where did the gif of Rachelle and I come from? #formativechat

@ChouinardJahant (collidingwithscience) tweeted:

@Rdene915 The purple ink stains on fingers... the smell- I can practically smell them in my memory

@saarbris (Seth Bridges) tweeted:

@cbeyerle @nathan_stevens Very true. It's already moving in that direction. However, I don't think we have a strong… https://t.co/zjWVS4OfUH

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