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Trend time: Mon Jul 22, 2019
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@PTIofficial (PTI) tweeted:

Prime Minister Imran Khan has reached the White House. A big crowd of people outside the gates to welcome him befor… https://t.co/cMW8qvtIug

@AttshanAliAbbas (Attshan Ali Abbasi) tweeted:

Live: @realDonaldTrump welcomes Pakistani PM Imran Khan to the White House #KhanMeetsTrump

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Pic 1.. Elected Pic 2.. Rejected #KhanmeetsTrump #NextOutsideWhiteHouse https://t.co/N4oaArRkVm

@HolaItsAk47 (Ak47♛) tweeted:

One is the greatest leader of this generation and other is Donald Trump. #KhanMeetsTrump #NextOutsideWhiteHouse https://t.co/B1Q1oOvfMf

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

If word swag had a face... #KhanMeetsTrump https://t.co/p6BKAgnou1

@Wasim_Wazir (ฬ.ฬ) tweeted:

Wowwwwwwwwwww unprecedented. President Donald trump offers mediation on Kashmir Issue to Pakistan Love you… https://t.co/IXqIO0xRfO

@FayyazShots (SYED FAYYAZ ALI) tweeted:

Pictures of day ♥ #KhanMeetsTrump https://t.co/46QWckzryL

@PTIOfficialLHR (PTI Lahore Official) tweeted:

PM Imran Khan, US President Donald Trump meeting underway at White House. #KhanMeetsTrump https://t.co/Ljcy23TN81

@areeba_fasihi (Areeba ) tweeted:

Journalists ask any question: Khan: ... Donald Trump: #KhanMeetsTrump https://t.co/nhjOqGIj0Q

@amfahadali (Fahad Ali) tweeted:

What is the difference? #KhanMeetsTrump https://t.co/7VRKBBQA0h

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