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Valentine's Day

Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Can Tho / Vietnam
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@sarayounis (Blue™) tweeted:

فى ال valentine's day اصحابى: -انا خارجة مع محمد =و انا مع محمود *و انا مع كريم انا: http://t.co/DCP9bdnebu

@Snookk033 (#youngProdigy) tweeted:

I'm still going get shanice gifts for Valentine's Day tho , she the only person that ain't switch up on me

@SilkeSchuss (silke schussmüller) tweeted:

"@SoReIatable: Valentine's Day Goals

@ultra (Ultra Music Festival) tweeted:

Adventures are better when you share them. Happy Valentine's Day (a day early) from @ultra http://t.co/m0xSlxE9aQ @cleanbandit

@pizzahoIic (pizza) tweeted:

The "Bae is coming over for Valentine's Day" starter pack http://t.co/yqA6pzrOvK

@KamillaSC1 (Kamilla Kaboose) tweeted:

Happy early Valentine's Day! Want a little something sweet? http://t.co/XtVn49ZH9K http://t.co/aJMVWkkllM

@_yuanyii (ミ นุ่มนิ่ม) tweeted:

@Santa_Xiuminbot Happy Valentine's Day ครับ

@Juicy_you0212 (Juicy_You) tweeted:

happy valenTine'S day #TAO #SEHUN #TAOHUN http://t.co/ExIJ2u5kvr


Valentine's Day Is For Women. Men Don't Give A Fuck Bout Valentines Day, All We Get Is The Same Pussy We Had Last Week #DTN

@sonamakapoor (Sonam K Ahuja) tweeted:

happy Valentine's Day to all the dreamers lovers and artists! http://t.co/yRFJrMsRmp http://t.co/aIEhzhdeQV

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