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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

cindy’s letter eye- #oitnb https://t.co/XYl5oHzCtU

@litchfielt (¥) tweeted:

Ela lendo essa mensagens e chorando me destruí de uma forma ❤️ #oitnb https://t.co/zAGqPiYjI6

@litchfielt (¥) tweeted:

Pq eu tô chorando

@NadiaAlcatraz (Deadshot) tweeted:

#OITNB season 7 is fucking amazing so far.

@WednesdayRox (Brooke △⃒⃘ ︽✵︽) tweeted:

RT @noradominick: I’ve never been perfectly described by a TV show until this moment: #OITNB https://t.co/AVXRkDfMqF

@yazminnflores (Yazmin) tweeted:

Ik I’m supposed to like Lorna but I really don’t so far this season #OITNB

@Tomea_C (Tomea Collins) tweeted:

Do I wanna watch #oitnb and make a hookah, or do I just wanna watch #oitnb ? https://t.co/vtmNhsZroE

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @keilloa: maritza did not deserve that #OITNB https://t.co/I92ISNRLnq

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @cormnier: i just watched the last episode of #OITNB and realized THAT WAS IT. i knew that it was the final season but finishing the las…

@ratedXtin (xtn ) tweeted:

RT @jennatillia: Every time they release a new season of @OITNB it’s like Christmas Day for lesbians. #OITNB #lesbehonest

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