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@Joey_Chris__ (lettuce (g)uac bacon) tweeted:

RT @BonjourLiz: It's ok to watch all the new episodes of Orange is the New Black in one sitting, and no one should judge you for that. #O…

@Ka_Yagami (Karoline) tweeted:

RT @someonestan: eu: essa temporada vai ser tudo de bom, alex vai sair da prisão e casar com a piper, nichorello vai ser endgame, taystee e…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @ruadopercebe: -Un ilegal lo es aunque sea mini. -Y un mierda siempre es un mierda aunque sea adulto. No voy a superar esto, qué horror…

@rubiblade98 (Angel ) tweeted:

@OITNB thank you for showing what immigrant families, undergo at the hands of ICE. Those scenes/episodes were so tr… https://t.co/PsXxpTqg6N

@Toler8me (✌) tweeted:

RT @babynewt_: Guard: Illegal’s an illegal, even if they’re mini. Fig: And a piece of shit is a piece of shit, even if he’s grown. #OITNB7…

@Got_Ambitions_ (September 30th BDAY) tweeted:

#OITNB didn’t have to be this depressing for the final season man

@cubansespos (Chufi ) tweeted:

RT @kelsxyx: i’m so fucking hurt #oitnb https://t.co/qBqcYbgSEl

@henry_aviles1 (Henry) tweeted:

currently binging #oitnb

@2shelbz1 (shelby #insulin4all ) tweeted:

RT @LauraPrepon: What an honor to see The #EmpireStateBuilding turned orange in celebration of #OITNB’s final season! #OrangeForever ❤️❤️❤️…

@MoradoRelativo (IsabelFinn) tweeted:

RT @explicitalbay: vamos a recordar el mejor momento de #OITNB porque a Soraya Montenegro no se le olvida nunca #OrangeForever https://t.co…

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