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@nicekittieBKN (B) tweeted:

Cashel is a couch surfer? There is nothing I like about this douche. #LoveIslandUSA #loveisland https://t.co/AS7RiL4e7m

@fiveintheam (Brendaa) tweeted:

What Cashel wanted from Kyra Caro was giving it to him the first few episodes, and that’s the tea #LoveIslandUSA https://t.co/UvXZa3LctF

@JadeBethJ (Jade Beth J) tweeted:

When the new guy asked Caro what was up with that baby voice.

@Olivia_Ebere (It's Handled) tweeted:

God, Kyra’s hair gives me so much anxiety #loveislandusa #loveisland

@JazzinJaciJoyce (Jaci Joyce) tweeted:

Cashel is right. Kyra said the exact same thing about Cashel that she did with Eric tonight. She also described Cas… https://t.co/1t7b5FwNzy

@ljessg (lauren) tweeted:

everyone: this is love island, not friendship island also everyone: why are zac and elizabeth busy being in love an… https://t.co/K7QJbbDQ01

@rivermerrell (nicole) tweeted:

shutchyo goofy ass up

@NatWhaley (a literal clown) tweeted:

Katrina might be leaving, but at the end of the day she is still THAT bitch #loveislandusa https://t.co/b4Bk86AaVO

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

me when cashel gave kyra that necklace #loveislandusa https://t.co/JSTzKPnkZL

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Me watching kyra be upset over cashel even though she caused this shit show #LoveIslandUSA https://t.co/zeWwsM6tSy

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