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Trend time: Mon Jul 29, 2019
Trend location: Galway / Ireland
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@rinanfafan (ronan fagan) tweeted:

@Hudnerful @DaithiHeffernan @TipperaryGAA I sure am - Tipp blood pulsing through the veins from my late father..a C… https://t.co/upJglhO2Xj

@hakaman (Hakaman) tweeted:

@Luke_Lonergan They’ll know in their hearts the better team triumphed & they’re tactics let them down in that White… https://t.co/iAXsKN

@DammitMarty (Dammit, Marty) tweeted:

Just one more to go lads! #gaa #hurling #Tipperary #HonTipp https://t.co/TqVWEHusTc

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