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@doyoyodream () tweeted:

RT @gg_najaemjaem: this one in particular ew #SM_아티스트대우_개선해 #Fire_Dreams_Manager https://t.co/D1CD21kTbB

@Umachrys () tweeted:

RT @Kay34885130: #SM_아티스트대우_개선해 Isso não é só para o renjun é para TODOS os artistas https://t.co/tBtj8g06dD

@erictriccurrent () tweeted:

RT @kwunnie: nct dream are KIDS. Everything regarding their management team that has surfaced has been horrible. Their atrocious behaviour…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @sunhwict: #SM_아티스트대우_개선해 on V app SM staff says Renjun “Shut up.” They’re sooooo rude to artist https://t.co/29QS11ul7P

@AlyareLeara (Author Website: alya) tweeted:

RT @NeoStoleMyCrack: Ok guys drop the Area 51 Raid we going straight for SM and their shitty management #SM_아티스트대우_개선해 https://t.co/rrM4cvz…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @deliciosuh: omg i love this song!!! #SM_아티스트대우_개선해 https://t.co/WjVol2wIhk

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @myjulyx: ลดลงเรื่อยๆเเล้วน่าsm ทั้งยอดหุ้นบริษัท​เเละยอดซับในยูทูป จะปล่อยเบลอรึจะออกมาเคลียร์​ปัญหา​นี้คะ??? ว่าไงเอ่ย?? #protectrenj…

@namvexx (ve) tweeted:

RT @tn_at03: Renjun deverse better

@bacteriagyu (jess #WeLoveYouScoup) tweeted:

RT @hvangsrenjun: dude i want EVERYONE to know WHO she is n WHAT she did .i will NOT let this go so easily . this is so fucking sickening,…

@aiuraimee (เอ่เอ้อี่อี้อู่อู้ f) tweeted:

RT @YfKjw2CFCH1c1L3: ถ้าออกข่าว CNN อีนี่คงช็อคคาจอคอมอ่ะ เอสเอ็มจ๊ะ!!นี่ป็นการเตือนจากเอนสีถีเซน ถ้ามีครั้งต่อไปกูไปเผาตึกมึงเเน่ #SM_아티스…

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