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Trend time: Mon Jul 29, 2019
Trend location: Maturín / Venezuela
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@Ky_McLaren (やまこう) tweeted:


@sebvettelnews (Sebastian Vettel #5) tweeted:

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: “Hey Sebastian, how was your #GermanGP?”

@Tony1petrolhead (TONY) tweeted:

RT @F1: LAP 56/64 The two Haas cars come together as they battle for a points finish

@GironesPau (Pau_GM) tweeted:

RT @FormulaHumor: Prego. È tutto bellissimo ♥️ #GermanGP https://t.co/XQOhXloSe1

@Aya_Shaker (Aya) tweeted:

RT @F1: Saturday - becomes a father

@Ele7Schumacher (Ele #ForzaSchumi) tweeted:

RT @SkySportF1:

@kgosithe1 (K-Gosi) tweeted:

RT @ScuderiaFerrari: From P2️⃣0️⃣ to P2️⃣ what a comeback

@sebvettelnews (Sebastian Vettel #5) tweeted:

Shooting t-shirts

@LateBrakers (Late Brakers) tweeted:

G.O.A.T. UPDATE: Finish outside the points. *Gain* two championship points. *Extend* @F1 WDC lead to 41pts. That’… https://t.co/Z4AGaeWV0q

@SANTANASAN72ND (さんたなそん) tweeted:

RT @redbullracing: One for the photo album

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