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Trend time: Mon Jul 29, 2019
Trend location: Lodz / Poland
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@zcvxbr () tweeted:

RT @Vaurai: ┌( ಠ‿ಠ)┘ #LGBTwitter https://t.co/jp26up3pi8

@ajowi_izack (إسحاق‎) tweeted:

RT @dcham17: i never do these so hiii

@chichiblu_ (evy ) tweeted:

RT @starschanhun: MAIS TAG AMOH garotas, garotos, garotes... tô solteira

@meganemendez (megs ) tweeted:

RT @ashtonnlea: low quality as hell but hi #LGBTwitter https://t.co/bh5OaXyJYF

@Vangkok1 (Allo?Bonsoir) tweeted:

RT @kaudapharaon: #LGBTwitter même si il paraît que jsuis une meuf d’insta https://t.co/6778lousbK

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @debzra_: pelo menos eu sou engraçada #LGBTwitter https://t.co/2KcySnCI5f

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @thecoolgerman_: forget about your gf and meet me at the hotel k thx bye #LGBTwitter https://t.co/utnWJZ9Dls

@bcurart () tweeted:

RT @quitteriie: #LGBTwitter jui mimi https://t.co/0nWxXklvV8

@vineyonce (vini) tweeted:

RT @aegaeel: seria um hétero muito gato #LGBTwitter https://t.co/rGiwOKWXgY

@allynights (Gabs) tweeted:

Vergonha: a Eu: #LGBTwitter https://t.co/M6JE0kMiw5

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