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@BatwoMANDA (Amanda Stockton ) tweeted:

"Do not #stray too far, my dear. These woods are not kind. A girl mustn't be alone. Who knows what she may find."… https://t.co/14JT6UHk3J

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#vss365 Interstellar Infinity Cold, empty #Renouncing sensation, activity Blackness, austerity Traveler, long For t… https://t.co/iwUsQmhCv1

@Janet_music (Janet) tweeted:

A #stray bullet changed her life A stray dog changed mine Words We use them Recklessly When they mean So much #vss365 #writerscommunity

@spoonerwrites () tweeted:

A #stray cat turned up in the kitchen. Mum was unnerved. She put up posters, waited by the phone while the cat watc… https://t.co/O2Qeq1nWoq

@ewiggins66 (Erin Cochran) tweeted:

Thoughts #stray in and out of my head, sending tendrils weaving through the gray matter. They leave behind a hint o… https://t.co/H0fKZTALSA

@Write2Fite (Aspen ✒️©AspenBrave®) tweeted:

Ashes of trust Our embers of history burn to the touch Recycled patterns of dismissiveness you toss aside To what?… https://t.co/di8M6CqroE

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#stray kids are 9 vocalists. #stray kids are 9 dancers. #stray kids are 9 rappers. #stray kids are 9 visuals.… https://t.co/HOtsijkeu5

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

idk why #stray kids are trending but if that doesn’t tell you to stan #stray kids i don’t know what does https://t.co/t97oMoS22T

@LairdOfTheHeart (Robert Taylor) tweeted:

If i #stray upon your forbidden land would you scold me? or press flowers in a book to hold me would you be partis… https://t.co/ZeRG5NJR1y

@SamanthaHeeley (The Passionate Poet ) tweeted:

You tiptoe through the attic of my mind/The floorboards creek as you rummage through my spare parts & #stray though… https://t.co/CeVxws

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