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Trend time: Mon Jul 29, 2019
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@tomgayler (Tom Gayler) tweeted:

@arseblog @gunnerblog seeing as Özil and Emery have patched things up and given his strong pre-season, was Willock… https://t.co/EGlJOKwpYd

@bingobango125 (FailFast) tweeted:

@arseblog @gunnerblog What do you think about a cheeky loan bid for that Saliba fella.. one year with no option to buy.. #arsecastextra

@JamesWright_UK (James Wright) tweeted:

@gunnerblog @ArsenalWFC Gary Cahill and Martin Skrtel are both free and have experience Captaining/Organising a def… https://t.co/qcal1zgGI2

@GarmenticA () tweeted:

@arseblog @gunnerblog Is Saliba going to face an impossible task living up to fans expectations? If our defense is… https://t.co/FZedbgsPIW

@ElRimmo (Sam Whittingham) tweeted:

@arseblog with very limited funds after the Pepe & Tierney deals and the need for a centre half, would you rather l… https://t.co/5q9Aiv

@ihwright (Ian Wright) tweeted:

@arseblog @gunnerblog any sympathy for Zaha now that it looks like his dream move has gone up in smoke? #arsecastextra

@magnus_holmberg (Magnus) tweeted:

How would you rate the window, the squad and our chances for 19/20 with Ceballos, Ruagani, Tierney and Pepé added t… https://t.co/4Q9C278c4Q

@magnus_holmberg (Magnus) tweeted:

With what’s happened over the past two weeks and if we do sign Pepé, Tierney and a CB who should we cut some slack?… https://t.co/wwJWxQJFsw

@shsharrington (Shshshshshsh) tweeted:

@arseblog @gunnerblog is this........hope? #arsecastextra

@DstructableCake (Kyle) tweeted:

@arseblog @gunnerblog Bit early but thought I'd get in while on a break. Rate the following summer activity out of… https://t.co/2F3St3uUzD

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