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@Beerwithfeather (Terry Hodkin) tweeted:

This would be my favourite of the year from it so different that it just nice to drink @burningsky / #fantôme… https://t.co/t85gbj1jOt

@RichMidgley (Rich Midgley) tweeted:

#LetsBeerPositive few to choose from here. Cask @blackcloakbrew @wildhorsebeer ruby mild Spanish Inquisition, Her… https://t.co/tzC5c2m0vq

@brandlingvilla (Brandling Villa Ⓥ) tweeted:

RT @MiddleGlassEd: no matter what kind of day you’re currently having, get yourself to @brandlingvilla and share/have your spirits raised.…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I wish #letsbeerpositive was talking of us today

@JollyGoodBeer (JOLLY ) tweeted:

RT @ourdoreen: It’s halfway through the year, so for this week’s #LetsBeerPositive topic, let’s share some great beers we’ve had and enjoye…

@brewclubuk (Brew Club) tweeted:

@ourdoreen Absolute favourite was @VerdantBrew It’s Friday Almost Tomorrow Sour DIPA.

@LewisAbbey (Lewis J. Abbey) tweeted:

Favourite beers from this year: > @StoneBrewing - Mojay IPA > @CloudwaterBrew - Pale Ale > @BoneMachineBrew - Big G… https://t.co/V

@BoneMachineBrew (Bone Machine Brew Co) tweeted:

RT @LewisAbbey: Favourite beers from this year: > @StoneBrewing - Mojay IPA > @CloudwaterBrew - Pale Ale > @BoneMachineBrew - Big G

@kgauthier7 (Kristine Gauthier) tweeted:

@ourdoreen This is hands down the best beer I have had all summer. I would even call this the beer of the summer.… https://t.co/SJNcmVeeWe

@kate_blaszczyk (Kate Blaszczyk) tweeted:

All the gorgeous pales from @pollysbrewco have been my favourite discovery of the year. Always pleased when I see o… https://t.co/ILUbFV1UDC

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