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@JohnOrnaO (John Orna-Ornstein) tweeted:

RT @RachelConroy_: Keynote by @JohnOrnaO illustrated a few of the many fantastic contemporary art projects undertaken by artists with/in @n…

@Rachel_E_Taylor (Dr Rachel Emily Tayl) tweeted:

Artwork exploring dust and the labour that occurs within domestic spaces, fascinating paper from Catherine Bertola… https://t.co/llnm9JKZkH

@paulfabel (Paul Fabel) tweeted:

Dust - cleaning - fragility. @BertolaCath uses ancient motifs and (re)creates these patterns on today’s dusty floor… https://t.co/F9rPDqkhoV

@Rachel_E_Taylor (Dr Rachel Emily Tayl) tweeted:

“I’m not reconstructing the past, I’m using the past as a lens to rethink things”, thoughts from artist Catherine B… https://t.co/0WhECfANEv

@drbouchard (Dr Dominique Bouchar) tweeted:

@MarDixon At the Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience conference @UniofNewcastle. Brilliant programm… https://t.co/toKUnLRrNV

@Rachel_E_Taylor (Dr Rachel Emily Tayl) tweeted:

Commissions are becoming less open. It’s important that heritage sites allow artists time to research that enavles… https://t.co/XiyrzYp21F

@November_Club (November Club) tweeted:

#mcahe Conference is in full swing. Learning and legacy play a very important role in developing artists’ work in h… https://t.co/RfDlu4x7ZF

@mcahe_NU (MCAHE) tweeted:

RT @drbouchard: @MarDixon At the Mapping Contemporary Art in the Heritage Experience conference @UniofNewcastle. Brilliant programme! I’m c…

@mcahe_NU (MCAHE) tweeted:

Lunch is served! Big thanks to @EATNEWCASTLE #MCAHE https://t.co/3XQN8wb2ux

@RachelConroy_ (Dr Rachel Conroy) tweeted:

Recurring theme of last session was for commissioners to allow artists time & freedom to research & engage deeply w… https://t.co/3j

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