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RT @ENyandong: "You cannot design systems around exceptions..." #NMGLeadershipForum

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RT @InfoKfcb: Lorna Irungu Macharia ~ Our creative industry needs to move beyond Kenya. @EzekielMutua @PSYGKenya @GinaDinGroup @NTVnewsroom…

@Njeru_Dave (Mukara) tweeted:

RT @EzekielMutua: The area of entertainment is so rich. If the talented youths discover their talents, they have a brighter future. #NMGLea…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#NMGLeadershipForum is such a beautiful programme for the unemployed youth. I love today's conversation. @MarkMasai @ntvkenya

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RT @KJMacharia: Somebody tell that lady who just said "it's expensive to be poor" that i love her.#NMGLeadershipForum

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RT @YouthFund_Ke: #NMGLeadershipForum #NextGenerationOfWork @moriasiarabu https://t.co/QEa1YD0KlT

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RT @Kj_Mpoa: Whenever I listen to rich people talk about starting a business as if they will give you capital to start. #NMGLeadershipForu…

@ngicho_dickens (Dickens_Ngicho) tweeted:

RT @ntvkenya: Lorna Irungu: Our creative industry needs to move beyond Kenya. If we are not exporting our content how can we grow this (cre…

@dailynation (Daily Nation) tweeted:

Dorcas Wainaina: The youth must be seen as an asset and policies must be created to make it easier for them to acce… https://t.co/oo5LwvHzaA

@pauldaviddavies (Revolt Africa) tweeted:

Volunteering my foot Where is fare to volunteer? #NMGLeadershipForum

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