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RT @SirGowrdy: How many people are employed in Hollywood, Bollywood vis a vi Kenya #NMGLeadershipForum

@ () tweeted:

RT @CoachAshraf: #NMGLeadershipForum it's very expensive to be poor

@r_jalam_malala (The Kano'nite) tweeted:

RT @Real_Wanjala: Does my age affect my ability to deliver? I bet it can't. Employ me and put me anywhere and you'll see results. #NMGLeade…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @SirGowrdy: George Otiende has nailed it on the point of Govt policy being alligned #NMGLeadershipForum

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RT @dannykiokoo: #NMGLeadershipForum they did't discuss about cancer is a killer disease especially to common mwananchi and senior citizens…

@Khagali_M (Felix Mushukhani Kha) tweeted:

RT @am_dagi: Young people have a great role to play in the society, they only need to be motivated guided and shown the right direction to…

@rae254rae (Rae Shah) tweeted:

RT @ogejocharles: Some opinions of the #nmgleadershipforum panelists are just nauseating to say the least. They portray a bunch of people…

@kikonderigha (Kikonde Righa) tweeted:

RT @Kj_Mpoa: Whenever I listen to rich people talk about starting a business as if they will give you capital to start. #NMGLeadershipForu…

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RT @Vincent_Kenya: #NMGleadershipForum The current state of affairs in Kenya and the way the economy is structured. Insuring education is c…

@muteithiack (Muteithia CK) tweeted:

Policy formulation is one thing while its actual implementation is another! #NMGLeadershipForum @ntvkenya

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