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@Njeru_Dave (Mukara) tweeted:

RT @EzekielMutua: Education empowers people to connect and navigate them towards opportunities. #NMGLeadershipForum @InfoKfcb https://t.co/…

@ () tweeted:

RT @dailynation: Dorcas Wainaina: The youth must be seen as an asset and policies must be created to make it easier for them to access fund…

@ngicho_dickens (Dickens_Ngicho) tweeted:

RT @program_young: With good mentorship, role modelling and economic support, the next generation will automatically tap into skills and ta…

@ () tweeted:

RT @nyamai_jobic: #NMGLeadershipForum is such a beautiful programme for the unemployed youth. I love today's conversation. @MarkMasai @ntvk…

@ () tweeted:

RT @HerbMK0: #NMGLeadershipForum an international film can employ 20,000 people???

@ItsShark__ (Dennis Kiplimo™ ) tweeted:

RT @EzekielMutua: One of the challenges we have is lamenting and not looking forward. #NMGLeadershipForum @InfoKfcb https://t.co/O417BHu7E7

@ () tweeted:

RT @ambassador_mc:

@_aprilwriter (Ivy Nzuve) tweeted:

#NMGLeadershipForum still waiting to hear one of the panelist say sth that actually makes sense. The audience is more sensible lol.

@InfoKfcb (KFCB) tweeted:

RT @dailynation: George Otiende: The biggest challenge we have is aligning policies with the realities of today. Govt and the policy makers…

@ () tweeted:

RT @cheshiniwe_: Nairobi film center is open for the youths to come and showcase their talents @InfoKfcb @EzekielMutua @NellyMuluka #NMGLe…

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