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@ngicho_dickens (Dickens_Ngicho) tweeted:

RT @ntvkenya: PS Margaret Kobia: Not all youth can be entrepreneurs. #NMGLeadershipForum #NextGenerationOfWork https://t.co/sFzGNnCcMA

@KibetKigen_ (Cpt Felix) tweeted:

RT @InfoKfcb: #NMGLeadershipForum @DorcasWainaina ~ It is not the responsibility of Government to provide jobs; Government provides the env…

@InfoKfcb (KFCB) tweeted:

RT @nancy_marangu: @ntvkenya We need to encourage our children to discover, nurture, explore & exploit their talents for economic gain.

@ () tweeted:

RT @philomenasonnie: @ellsiki Remember it was said during campaigns that government would offer paid internships to all graduates of that y…

@wmnjoya (#LandFirst Mwalimu W) tweeted:

Thank you @KuisanMacharia @antoneosoul for speaking truth from where Kenyans and artists sit. I switched to… https://t.co/NsvTC7ywcL

@KibetKigen_ (Cpt Felix) tweeted:

RT @CSMargaretKobia: Will be live on NTV for the #NMGLeadershipForum from 6pm - 9pm. Today's theme is #TheNextGenerationOfWork which will e…

@ericmwaura (eric mwaura) tweeted:

RT @KJMacharia: Somebody tell that lady who just said "it's expensive to be poor" that i love her.#NMGLeadershipForum

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