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@EzekielMutua (Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, M) tweeted:

The area of entertainment is so rich. If the talented youths discover their talents, they have a brighter future.… https://t.co/qBw0icS10n

@NellyMuluka (Nelly Muluka) tweeted:

#NMGLeadershipForum As a regulator, the Board aims at promoting growth in the creative sector as well as inspiring… https://t.co/oOrGiYmn6g

@onsavic (Patinho Van) tweeted:

Prof George Magoha b4 he starts calling people stupid he shouldn't forget during his time at helm of UoN he overs… https://t.co/6jEGa8GRyS

@dailynation (Daily Nation) tweeted:

Prof. Kobia: There is no single bullet which can solve all our problems, not everybody can become an entrepreneur.… https://t.co/iHscepVwGv

@dailynation (Daily Nation) tweeted:

Dorcas Wainaina: The University has not done enough to change the curriculum to meet the dynamics of the future. We… https://t.co/A665M8xr6e

@ntvkenya (NTV Kenya) tweeted:

Prof. Madara Ogot: You will get jobs that matter when you address the problems that matter. #NMGLeadershipForum… https://t.co/MH0CpR3UTf

@InfoKfcb (KFCB) tweeted:

#NMGLeadershipForum @DorcasWainaina ~ It is not the responsibility of Government to provide jobs; Government provid… https://t.co/Fg8ltCAFAE

@ntvkenya (NTV Kenya) tweeted:

Ezekiel Mutua: Education should just be a tool to help people navigate. #NMGLeadershipForum #NextGenerationOfWork https://t.co/md14lflZqv

@dailynation (Daily Nation) tweeted:

Adelle Onyango: You cannot tell me for 12yrs that all I need to get a job is a degree but when that degree doesn;t… https://t.co/U87A1B6qHm

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Whenever I listen to rich people talk about starting a business as if they will give you capital to start.… https://t.co/WqgcQHw0Hr

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