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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Young people have a great role to play in the society, they only need to be motivated guided and shown the right di… https://t.co/2COr9PdAYb

@EdwinCheruh (Taítaã™) tweeted:

The film industry is an avenue that needs to be taken serious by the youths with talents and explore the opportunit… https://t.co/jsaWiXjOnp

@lawrencekitema (Lawrence Kitema) tweeted:

#NMGLeadershipForum Creative industry has the potential to create job for the youth~@EzekielMutua @uonbi… https://t.co/PYwU5W5YvF

@ItsShark__ (Dennis Kiplimo™ ) tweeted:

The creative industry contributes alot to this economy through creation of jobs among the youth. #NMGLeadershipForum https://t.co/wlOOu8dZAm

@KibetBenard_ (Kibet Benard) tweeted:

#NMGLeadershipForum @EzekielMutua we are working with comedians and upcoming artists in this country https://t.co/zEViA4daKW

@SirGowrdy (Sir Godfrey) tweeted:

George Otiende has nailed it on the point of Govt policy being alligned #NMGLeadershipForum

@ogejocharles (Charles) tweeted:

Some opinions of the #nmgleadershipforum panelists are just nauseating to say the least. They portray a bunch of p… https://t.co/uh7b3f6pk8

@ElvinSons (Elvin Mangeni) tweeted:

@RamokaBernard @EzekielMutua @CSMargaretKobia @ntvkenya @DTBKenya @Dorcas99838560 @InfoKfcb @NellyMuluka… https://t.co/jGzVHyRVAH

@EzekielMutua (Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, M) tweeted:

One of the challenges we have is lamenting and not looking forward. #NMGLeadershipForum @InfoKfcb https://t.co/O417BHu7E7

@ntvkenya (NTV Kenya) tweeted:

George Otiende: The biggest challenge we have aligning policies and the realities that we have. Govt and policymake… https://t.co/1YVc3e0YXQ

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