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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#NMGLeadershipForum we need initiatives like the ICT training in a mobile Caravan by MRM Chandaria Foundation to pr… https://t.co/bd4VUxWR21

@EzekielMutua (Dr. Ezekiel Mutua, M) tweeted:

Education empowers people to connect and navigate them towards opportunities. #NMGLeadershipForum @InfoKfcb https://t.co/x6CZiVfQ9P

@nancy_marangu (Nancy Marangu) tweeted:

@ntvkenya We need to encourage our children to discover, nurture, explore & exploit their talents for economic gai… https://t.co/zvr0Lx

@dailynation (Daily Nation) tweeted:

George Otiende: The biggest challenge we have is aligning policies with the realities of today. Govt and the policy… https://t.co/iBynIR2fEz

@ntvkenya (NTV Kenya) tweeted:

Lorna Irungu: Our creative industry needs to move beyond Kenya. If we are not exporting our content how can we grow… https://t.co/Fl4J1WJkCx

@JackieKalee (Jackie) tweeted:

Preach Lornah! Talent is universal but opportunities are not. Awesome points there....the creative industry in keny… https://t.co/WV1zdPhvn7


#NMGLeadershipForum they did't discuss about cancer is a killer disease especially to common mwananchi and senior c… https://t.co/RjJedz7Dqe

@SirGowrdy (Sir Godfrey) tweeted:

How many people are employed in Hollywood, Bollywood vis a vi Kenya #NMGLeadershipForum

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#NMGLeadershipForum it's very expensive to be poor

@YouthFund_Ke (Youth Fund) tweeted:

#NMGLeadershipForum #NextGenerationOfWork @moriasiarabu https://t.co/QEa1YD0KlT

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