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@mugendijndwiga (Uncle Joe) tweeted:

Same talk different day. The solution is simple if you are a youth employ only youths in your business and try to c… https://t.co/wJ0dZQFVfa

@Khagali_M (Felix Mushukhani Kha) tweeted:

RT @KibetBenard_: #NMGLeadershipForum @EzekielMutua we are working with comedians and upcoming artists in this country https://t.co/z…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @Kj_Mpoa: For how long shall youths keep writing CVs which end up being unattended?? Youths are the biggest assets a country would ever…

@nancy_marangu (Nancy Marangu) tweeted:

@InfoKfcb @CSMargaretKobia @EzekielMutua @PSYGKenya @ntvkenya The dynamic environment provides opportunities for th… https://t.co/QBHpF6TPpn

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @ntvkenya: George Otiende: Alot of us are asking ourselves what can the government do for us. Maybe it is time we flipped the question a…

@pauldaviddavies (Revolt Africa) tweeted:

@EzekielMutua is aging. He should wake up to the reality of the changing time. #NMGLeadershipForum

@Khagali_M (Felix Mushukhani Kha) tweeted:

RT @ItsShark15: The creative industry contributes alot to this economy through creation of jobs among the youth. #NMGLeadershipForum https:…

@lawrencekitema (Lawrence Kitema) tweeted:

RT @InfoKfcb: Lorna Irungu Macharia ~ Our creative industry needs to move beyond Kenya. @EzekielMutua @PSYGKenya @GinaDinGroup @NTVnewsroom…

@luodollar (#JeffBezos) tweeted:

@EzekielMutua as youths in the country we need more what we have done before on youth empowerment ..we need county… https://t.co/DTYAWUmXQn

@nancy_marangu (Nancy Marangu) tweeted:

RT @RamokaBernard: @CSMargaretKobia ~ 60% of Kenyan youth are below 35 years. CEO @EzekielMutua @InfoKfcb @MarkMasai @dailynation @NationBr…

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