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@frances81888671 (Francesca Thompson) tweeted:

#LoveIsland #loveIslandfinal #loveisland2019 #LoveIslandAftersun

@MrDeanP (Dean Puckering) tweeted:

HAHAHAHAHAHA ITV NEWS WITH THE THROWDOWN "The money involved in Love Island in terms of sponsorship and future car… https://t.co/ntLzdvYpth

@JennyHannamx (Jen ) tweeted:

RT @asbrookee: in conclusion, if amber and greg don’t win it is a fix #loveIslandfinal https://t.co/fHIKcU3Pd3

@TrinityyTiaax () tweeted:

RT @bxdazzled: if amber and gregg don’t win let’s boycott itv xxx #LoveIsland #loveIslandfinal #loveisland #AmberAndGregToWin #LoveIslandMe…

@Emyii90 (Emma) tweeted:

Will be watching #loveIslandfinal a little bit late tonight as my sis needs to get home from work

@samgio1997 (Samantha ) tweeted:

RT @NHSMillion: As you get excited about the #loveislandfinal please spare a RT for all the NHS staff who will be caring for others instead…

@bjaminhh (Ben Hunt) tweeted:

Catching up on #LoveIsland before #loveIslandfinal - one of my few reflections so far is that the baby challenge re… https://t.co/eYGnk9vDKX

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @xstephlee: Me trying to figure out what I am going to do with my life after the #loveIslandfinal https://t.co/Rwc2YOUntA

@Cajovi_Daniel () tweeted:

RT @imollieofficial: Holy Mary mudder of God #loveIslandfinal https://t.co/NbitaYFaMa

@geecampbellx (Gee♡) tweeted:

I’m 2 hours early but I’m rooting for Greg and Amber all the way❤️ #loveIslandfinal

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