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Trend time: Wed Sep 11, 2019
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@themikenorton () tweeted:

Thank you to everyone that ran out and got Battlepug #1. And thank you to everyone putting up with theses tweets! W… https://t.co/vOi3Odq8Ok

@quatchipug (Quatchi and Henry) tweeted:

Quatchi from the SF Bay Area! #pugchat https://t.co/deDLbJdPef

@tuesdaythepug (Tuesday the Pug) tweeted:

To @PugNamedFinn! A great pug and friend.

@ChubbsTheWampug (Chubbs The Wampug) tweeted:

A1 I don’t have a set time to eat but I do need my morning coffee #pugchat https://t.co/mgjBRgVLh5

@HamiltonPug (Hamilton Pug) tweeted:

A2: I have an assortment of coats. I might need to pickup a new one soon to keep up with the changing pug fashions.… https://t.co/5LLtBvS2b7

@EdiethePug ((Miss) Edie the Pug) tweeted:

@HamiltonPug A2: We have a variety of Fall pugwear. These coats were sooo last year. We gotta go shopping soon for… https://t.co/bCiPG391NZ

@BodieSpanky (Bodie and Spanky ) tweeted:

@HamiltonPug It’s still about a million degrees in Atlanta so no coats yet! I got a new T-shirt though! #pugchat A 2 https://t.co/FrHryPttbb

@gingersnap599 (Ginger) tweeted:

@HamiltonPug She has a new fleece from BaxterBoo!! #PugChat

@daisymae31806 () tweeted:

@EdiethePug @HamiltonPug Good pugs fink a like! #pugchat

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @gingersnap599: @HamiltonPug She has a new fleece from BaxterBoo!! #PugChat

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