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Trend time: Wed Sep 11, 2019
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@DavidChiu (David Chiu) tweeted:

There it is! #AB1482 passed the Senate! We are one step closer to protecting tenants from egregious rent increases… https://t.co/jvNnc3L8uC

@NancySkinnerCA (Nancy Skinner) tweeted:

Zillow research: homelessness climbs fast when % of income spent on rent goes above 22%. When rent affordability hi… https://t.co/dXdcmUe0X8

@dillonliam (Liam Dillon) tweeted:

Here we go rent cap debate #AB1482

@DavidChiu (David Chiu) tweeted:

Let’s do this. #AB1482 https://t.co/dhVup9bKLG

@Duarte7340 (Andrea Duarte) tweeted:

@J_GallagherAD3 making some solid points on the CA Assembly floor today on #AB5 and #AB1482 “Big business and big govt love each other”

@jennakchandler (Jenna Chandler) tweeted:

BREAKING: California Assembly passes statewide rent control bill #AB1482, capping rents at 5% plus inflation. Governor will sign into law.

@jennifer_lesar (Jennifer LeSar) tweeted:

@DavidChiu @RendonAnthony @SenToniAtkins @ToddGloria @RichardBloom @NancySkinnerCA @leslye_vfc @fredgblackwell Than… https://t.co/b5jbKbO2nh

@housingca (Housing California) tweeted:

With the Assembly's action just now, the full Legislature passed @DavidChiu’s #AB1482 to protect tenants from evict… https://t.co/ThKkJk2PqL

@CalOrganize (ACCE) tweeted:

Today we made HISTORY!!! Just now, the CA legislature passed the Tenant Protection Act of 2019 and is on its way to… https://t.co/drAL4RJ5br

@calhsng (CHC) tweeted:

California’s housing crisis requires more affordable homes AND more protections for the millions of Californians wh… https://t.co/rHQ68nUnf7

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