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Trend time: Wed Sep 11, 2019
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@USRepKCastor (US Rep Kathy Castor) tweeted:

#ProtectOurCoast Alert❗️We cannot risk another oil drilling disaster off our coasts. Today, the House will vote on… https://t.co/0UEQ4j7IOb

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

TODAY, the House is going to pass H.R. 1941, my bill that permanently ban offshore drilling off the Atlantic and Pa… https://t.co/i138HPLpaU

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

At @LCVoters we like to say that elections have consequences. Well, the new pro-environment majority in the U.S. Ho… https://t.co/5rBgBztJ7Y

@NRDems (Natural Resources Co) tweeted:

We're not saying no to offshore drilling. We're saying hell no. We're passing @RepCunningham's #ProtectOurCoast bi… https://t.co/WNw3kr9PDJ

@EnvAm (Environment America) tweeted:

.@chelliepingree getting to the heart of what expanding drilling off our coast means for our #climate and our ocean… https://t.co/v78Dcf5WV6

@WhipClyburn (James E. Clyburn) tweeted:

Tourism and fishing economies on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts depend on clean water and healthy beaches. Offsho… https://t.co/x0WUyp1Ou1

@RepTedLieu (Rep. Ted Lieu) tweeted:

@HouseDemocrats #CA33 spans the coast of LA from Palos Verdes to Malibu. Its natural beauty is rivaled by few & tou… https://t.co/oPObwU

@RepMikeLevin (Rep. Mike Levin) tweeted:

My district has more than 50 miles of beautiful California coastline. Coastal tourism and recreation sustains more… https://t.co/sOechxKT1f

@EarthjusticeDC (On Capitol Hill) tweeted:

The House is voting this afternoon on two bipartisan bills from @RepCunningham, @RepRooney and @USRepKCastor to pro… https://t.co/Ovl613Nz5A

@chelliepingree (Chellie Pingree) tweeted:

Drilling for fossil fuels in the Gulf of Maine when we should be investing to renewable energy is like trying to pu… https://t.co/bvSMmAGHMm

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