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Trend time: Fri Sep 13, 2019
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@OgdenBrianna (BriiBaby) tweeted:

Been SO sparing with the last of my Magic Star Concealer

@NoAssNancy (Hunter❣️) tweeted:

RT @JeffreeStar:

@chlangie (。*.☆.。 angie 。.☆.*。) tweeted:


@ItsJanet18 (janet #BlackLivesMat) tweeted:

RT @JeffreeStar: Who’s ready for this week’s schedule??

@gina_belezos (Gina) tweeted:

Finally got shade C5

@ashleymartin105 (MomLife_87) tweeted:

I’m about to be 32 years old. All I want is to hide my 7 years of exhausted mom eyes with #MagicStar concealer fro… https://t.co/Hhlt6aMfzh

@LostinTokio (Tokio) tweeted:

@JeffreeStar Got my #magicstar concealer Peach for my mom,for her bday next month.

@Jennifred101 (Jennifer Weaver) tweeted:

Restocked my #MagicStar concealer

@quehx () tweeted:

RT @Trendmood: FINALLY... They are BACK #instock !

@EdsonBHarris (Edson) tweeted:

@JeffreeStar We Stan a #JeffreeStarCosmetics restock. Hi #MagicStar concealer in every shade!

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