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@kmassanet (kirenia massanet MUA) tweeted:

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@TheDoctor1501 (Dakota) tweeted:

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@OhMyNaniLove (Stephanie) tweeted:

RT @JeffreeStar:

@Greyeyes231 (Crystalin Patrick) tweeted:

@JeffreeStar I am glad I went a head and ordered my #MagicStar concealer and a setting powder, I hope I got the ri… https://t.co/22IIrRh7GV

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @JeffreeStar:

@xpinkmoonlightx (Jessica Ferro ) tweeted:

*puts out* Husband: that was soo good. We haven't done that since..... hey wait, I know you! What is @JeffreeStar c… https://t.co/txCWjLxlLI

@TiahnaChristine (Tiahna the blonde be) tweeted:

Just ordered my #MagicStar concealer! @JeffreeStar https://t.co/gORmU1t6P5

@MissSar6 (♡ ) tweeted:

The SECOND it came back i managed to snatch the ICONIC duo up the day after my Birthday

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