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Trend time: Fri Sep 13, 2019
Trend location: Stockholm / Sweden
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@elsitlab (Lefebvre Sarrut Inno) tweeted:

Glad to hear @laurafauq about transforming culture in law firms #LDS2019 https://t.co/CVYWdQxx9U

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Doing Nothing Means Stepping Backwards: #legaldesign for #courts! @andrea_lindblom @YlvaNorling @stacyrbutler4… https://t.co/ru24GUasMs

@margarethagan (Margaret Hagan) tweeted:

Making law great again, #lds2019! From @observdesign , dispatch from usa #legaldesign world https://t.co/L22jEyKxA6

@BenLegalTech (Ben Hunt) tweeted:

The five mindsets for successful leaders of legal innovation, all based in human-centred design - (1) empathy (2) e… https://t.co/rHhITFLdPR

@HeikkiIlvessalo (Heikki ✨) tweeted:

The awesome @inspiredcat on stage #LDS2019 - become a better leader by focusing on #ambiguity #radicalcollaboration… https://t.co/ODaj59HdnU

@jandersdean (Janders Dean) tweeted:

Yes the past can hurt. You can either run from it or learn from it. Rafiki inspiration at #LDS2019 @LegaldesignFI https://t.co/yNJxS3zgOc

@margarethagan (Margaret Hagan) tweeted:

This is a call for people, design research, and pilots that work on eviction and housing law improvements. Are you… https://t.co/ckTPgnmnS4

@andrea_lindblom (Andrea Lindblom) tweeted:

Designing privacy in the digital age

@dagmarsteffens (Dagmar Steffens) tweeted:

@LeenaKuusniemi says it as it is: “I’ve never seen a 7 year old buy a smart phone. Parents buy it set it up give it… https://t.co/sSjXJqHtvj

@marabata49 (Stéphanie Batardière) tweeted:

Pourquoi les professionnels du droit devraient ils s interesser au Legal Design ? Cat Moon nous donne la réponse. L… https://t.co/rTdbPfTk7e

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