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@SCHeartHome (Super Channel Heart ) tweeted:

Rosemary can’t help but notice the glances exchanged between Grace and Chuck.

@SCHeartHome (Super Channel Heart ) tweeted:

Chuck comes to the restaurant and sees that Grace is waitressing there.

@jacobwlockett24 (Jacob W. Lockett) tweeted:

#Hopefuls! #Hearties! This is news! Spread the word! #WhenHopeCalls #Hallmark #Hallmarkies @TamaraBMarshall… https://t.co/seaU7F3bGY

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Did you know fevers could hide? Check out my latest blog post, When Hope Calls Episode Review: Out of the Past!… https://t.co/Dcp3v5bgNb

@jacobwlockett24 (Jacob W. Lockett) tweeted:

@Wendy_Farley1 @TamaraBMarshall @TracyBStL12win @thekathyjane @amymick3 @KarenMa90190718 @cohen1232 You're welcome,… https://t.co/87v90XRdSr

@billabbottHC (Bill Abbott) tweeted:

#Hearties, who is watching & tweeting #WhenHopeCalls? @HMNow @WhenHopeCalls @jocelynhudonx @MorganKohan… https://t.co/iJmeD518Gj

@proudmawmawof3 (Charlotte Humphries) tweeted:

Grace can't ride a horse? WHAT! I can't believe it. @whenhopecalls #Hearties @HMNow

@SCHeartHome (Super Channel Heart ) tweeted:

Maggie brings Joe some stretches for his shoulder she learned in Sweden.

@aew82 (Amie Caraballo) tweeted:

Earl.....Constable Anderson.....I suggest you don't mess with Lillian! #Hearties #WhenHopeCalls @HMNow @SCHeartHome @MorganKohan

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Loving @hanneke_talbot ‘s character #Maggie more and more! #JoeMoody @jeffersonb76 would be blessed to have her in… https://t.co/hvJwBg3oih

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