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@HRobinson_88 (Hallie Robinson) tweeted:

Poor Grace!

@proudmawmawof3 (Charlotte Humphries) tweeted:

@HMNow @SCHeartHome #hearties @whenhopecalls @thekathyjane

@nantucketbreeze (susie baldwin) tweeted:

Thank you for another wonderful family show with heart!❤️❤️#WhenHopeCalls #Hearties @HMNow https://t.co/3ypadb2XFt

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I agree @SCHeartHome @HMNow #Hearties #WhenHopeCalls https://t.co/DD1JY0Fhz5

@Gina__Christine (Gina.Christine) tweeted:

@SCHeartHome @MorganKohan @jocelynhudonx @HMNow

@nantucketbreeze (susie baldwin) tweeted:

@RJHatanaka @whenhopecalls @HMNow @SCHeartHome @hallmarkchannel Peach pie is delicious! #WhenHopeCalls #Hearties

@Gina__Christine (Gina.Christine) tweeted:

@HMNow @whenhopecalls @MorganKohan @jocelynhudonx @RJHatanaka @GregHovanessian @wendy_crewson @SCHeartHome Thanks f… https://t.co/ivtqa5NUZ1

@Gina__Christine (Gina.Christine) tweeted:

@billabbottHC @HMNow @whenhopecalls @jocelynhudonx @MorganKohan @GregHovanessian @RJHatanaka @wendy_crewson Wonderf… https://t.co/5zGQEYNzFm

@Gina__Christine (Gina.Christine) tweeted:

Anyone have a catchy slogan for our campaign for S2 of #WhenHopeCalls @whenhopecalls ? RT if you'd love a S2!… https://t.co/7p1bmbLyoN

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

My talented friend decided to draw Lillian and let me share it with you all! #Hearties #Hopefuls #WhenHopeCalls… https://t.co/XmsUBtYAxn

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