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@proudmawmawof3 (Charlotte Humphries) tweeted:

@MorganKohan @theblinglady13 @whenhopecalls @SCHeartHome @HMNow @jocelynhudonx @thekathyjane You got that right. M… https://t.co/KTb24Tijzx

@proudmawmawof3 (Charlotte Humphries) tweeted:

RT @hildestevenson5: I wanted to say that I really enjoy the music on the episodes of @whenhopecalls. I see on the credits it is @OddiAnge…

@proudmawmawof3 (Charlotte Humphries) tweeted:

RT @billabbottHC: #Hearties, who is watching & tweeting #WhenHopeCalls? @HMNow @WhenHopeCalls @jocelynhudonx @MorganKohan @GregHovanessi

@proudmawmawof3 (Charlotte Humphries) tweeted:

RT @cohen1232: @billabbottHC @HMNow @whenhopecalls @jocelynhudonx @MorganKohan @GregHovanessian @RJHatanaka @wendy_crewson #hearties great…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#Hearties, if you had one word to describe @whenhopecalls, what would it be? @HMNow #WhenHopeCalls

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@jocelynhudonx @proudmawmawof3 Good luck! Hope you feel better soon! ❤️ #Hearties

@SheilaGibson12 (SheilaGibson) tweeted:

RT @brbird: So proud of the #Hearties tonight. Sorry I couldn’t Tweet with you! Once again, well done! @HMNow @whenhopecalls #WhenHopeC…

@Nicole_Smith18 (Nicole Smith) tweeted:

RT @MorganKohan: That’s for tweeting with us everyone!!! Until next week! @whenhopecalls @HMNow @SCHeartHome #whenhopecalls #hopefuls #hear…

@Nicole_Smith18 (Nicole Smith) tweeted:

RT @HMNow: Thank you for watching #WhenHopeCalls with us! An all-new episode of @whenhopecalls will be available to stream next Friday excl…

@paulgreenemedia (Paul Greene Official) tweeted:

Calling all Christmas movie and Romantic comedy fans Come meet me and more -November 8,9 10th NJ Expo… https://t.co/HpU0DfDfIJ

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