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@SheilaGibson12 (SheilaGibson) tweeted:

RT @WCTH_Blog: Did you know fevers could hide? Check out my latest blog post, When Hope Calls Episode Review: Out of the Past! https://t.co…

@PamCalhoon (Pam Calhoon) tweeted:

Love this show. Better every week!@WhenHopeCalls #Hearties https://t.co/SouFRzDLNJ

@jacobwlockett24 (Jacob W. Lockett) tweeted:

@Pam_Hyer @DesireeDeeAnne Hopefully, we'll find out soon! #Hopefuls #Hearties

@blackstonej (J Blackstone) tweeted:

@MorganKohan @whenhopecalls @SCHeartHome @HMNow @RJHatanaka And the romantic lean too...

@jacobwlockett24 (Jacob W. Lockett) tweeted:

@DesireeDeeAnne @SCHeartHome @HMNow True dedication indeed, Desiree!!! #Hopefuls #Hearties

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @SCHeartHome: Grace is baking and it’s making it tough for Fred to concentrate.

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @DesireeDeeAnne: @SCHeartHome @jocelynhudonx @HMNow @SimonWebsterTO I’m curious if there’s a crossover writer for this episode. @derekw_…

@blackstonej (J Blackstone) tweeted:

@RJHatanaka @jocelynhudonx @GregHovanessian @whenhopecalls @HMNow @SCHeartHome @hallmarkchannel Well they always

@SheilaGibson12 (SheilaGibson) tweeted:

RT @MorganKohan: That’s for tweeting with us everyone!!! Until next week! @whenhopecalls @HMNow @SCHeartHome #whenhopecalls #hopefuls #hear…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Hope Valley’s Handsome Gambling Man.. #Hearties #wcth https://t.co/1ezplMKw52

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