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@billabbottHC (Bill Abbott) tweeted:

Join #Hearties again tonight for the #WhenHopeCalls watch & tweet party, 8/7C! Find @WhenHopeCalls on @HMNow!… https://t.co/6Mh9xKRBP5

@jacobwlockett24 (Jacob W. Lockett) tweeted:

@awonderfulmovie @hallmarkchannel @NydiaRaquel25 @HMNow @jocelynhudonx I super agree! This program definitely needs… https://t.co/mPWRP70cDG

@BeTheBuddha (王冠琳 K. L. Connie Wan) tweeted:

HOPE everyone tunes in to see how the #Chace begins... (see what I did there?)! #Hearties #Hopefuls @whenhopecalls… https://t.co/gI44meL7Bx

@RJHatanaka (Ryan-James Hatanaka) tweeted:

How many of our @whenhopecalls tweeters out there can handle themselves on a horse?? #Hearties #WhenHopeCalls… https://t.co/XZjsVghO3X

@MorganKohan (Morgan Kohan) tweeted:

Oooooooh yes @jocelynhudonx !!! We'll make a cowgirl of you yet! @whenhopecalls @SCHeartHome @HMNow #Hearties #Whenhopecalls #Hopefuls

@meeker_lori (Lori Meeker) tweeted:

Tess IS one tough customer! #Hearties #WhenHopeCalls @wendy_crewson @MorganKohan @jocelynhudonx @RJHatanaka… https://t.co/lMF83d0G16

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Love WHEN HOPE CALLS - these days we need uplifting and family value shows. Thank you soooo much...so thankful ❤️… https://t.co/7BXUojSzlZ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Is Tess as tough as she seems or does she have a heart of gold that will shine through eventually. I think the lat… https://t.co/ol7UirNUFD

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@JMKFN @MorganKohan @HMNow @SCHeartHome I was thinking the same thing.

@MorganKohan (Morgan Kohan) tweeted:

What's your favourite kind of pie? My Mum used to make an incredible sour cherry chocolate chip pie

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