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Trend time: Sat Feb 21, 2015
Trend location: Can Tho / Vietnam
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@kpoprelatable (ⓀⓅⓄⓅ♪) tweeted:

RT if you speak any of these languages. - English - Bahasa - Tagalog - Korean - Vietnamese - Thai And language fangirl >> ASDFGHJKL

@1dsexastrology (.˚✧ · . ˚ ✫ . ✧ ·) tweeted:

“@suicidelwt: Retweet or you'll never hug harry. https://t.co/dAdk8MLk4f”WHY WOULD YOU DO THAI TO ME

@NaomilyAlways (Matt) tweeted:

@diZIAMdo qlqr uma ai,tem td que morrer u.u menos a Thai

@lckzcreen (✨lockscreens✨) tweeted:

Semi #asklovatic #askselenator ✨ RT se salvar {Por favor seja honesto} ✨ RT if you save {Please be honest} /Thai. http://t.co/1TuCCMBIUM

@Matmyyeun (เร่นกับไฟไม่เลิก) tweeted:

น่ารักอะแงงงงงงงง RT@OLLTII_THAI: ลืมสคริปไม่พอ ลิ้นพันด้วย แบร่! http://t.co/wl3WykKupe

@lckzcreen (✨lockscreens✨) tweeted:

Lauren Jaregui #askharmonizer ✨ RT se salvar {Por favor seja honesto} ✨ RT if you save {Please be honest} /Thai. http://t.co/OQ86eRmN8Z

@iIllumiinati (The Illuminati) tweeted:

Hurting someone with the truth is better than making them happy with a lie.

@History_Pics (ClassicPics) tweeted:

23 year old George Harrison's selfie at the Taj Mahal, India (1966). http://t.co/4NLltbWLCO

@OfficialAido (Doctor St. Swithin) tweeted:

@thai_bill @5150djc @Truthbulletjam Racist scum.

@IZNIX_ ('m.ntw °) tweeted:

[THAI SUB/HD] Yoseob - Do as you been doing: http://t.co/I9OO26ACEP via @YouTube

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