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@NHLFlames (Calgary Flames) tweeted:

Tell us who you think will score our first goal tonight for a chance to win tickets to our game vs. the Red Wings o… https://t.co/7Z2E90tV11

@Royal_BLT (B. L. T.) tweeted:

I'll go with Backlund for #Flames1stGoal tonight ! #Calgary #Flames #CofRed https://t.co/jOXNh8vjia https://t.co/Sa8oBteVoC

@Osmashi (Ryan Ohashi) tweeted:

@NHLFlames @Sportsnet #Flames1stGoal Derek Ryan #Doc

@ShafikHassan12 (Shafik Hassan) tweeted:

@NHLFlames @Sportsnet Sean Monahan #Flames1stGoal

@BradEverson (Brad Everson) tweeted:

@NHLFlames @Sportsnet Brodie #Flames1stGoal

@_ScottyPee (Scott Peters) tweeted:

@NHLFlames @Sportsnet Ryan #Flames1stGoal

@W_BOYD7 (Walker Boyd) tweeted:

@NHLFlames @Sportsnet Monny #Flames1stGoal

@MattDanko (Matt) tweeted:

@NHLFlames @Sportsnet #Flames1stGoal Matthew Tkachuk

@MrColtini (MrColtini) tweeted:

@NHLFlames @Sportsnet #Flames1stGoal Matthew Tkachuk !

@marcrlorenzo (c a n c e ) tweeted:

@NHLFlames @Sportsnet Monahan #Flames1stGoal

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