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@droid254 (Droid) tweeted:

This will be the Mpesa logo for the next 7 days in celebration of the greatest Marathonner #eliudkipchoge #Eliud159 https://t.co/TBoYiandk1

@SafaricomPLC (Safaricom PLC) tweeted:

To show our commitment and respect to our icon @EliudKipchoge, we will be changing our M-PESA brand for the next 7… https://t.co/Atpqgco6Sz

@Jo_Kimoney (Peaches ) tweeted:

Men you should take the 1hr.59mins challenge. Sex tonight should last the same duration. Musimame na Eliud Kipchoge… https://t.co/M3K5xoKs4p

@SafaricomPLC (Safaricom PLC) tweeted:

In an attempt to prove that #NoHumanIsLimited, let’s rally behind the main man @EliudKipchoge as he attempts to bre… https://t.co/VcCCea4hSe

@StandardMediaKe (Standard Digital) tweeted:

"I am going to the 2019 Vienna to show that no human has limits. To show the world that nothing is impossible"… https://t.co/AyVDzXf8zF

@SafaricomPLC (Safaricom PLC) tweeted:

We are immensely honoured and priviledged to have the opportunity to dedicate our iconic M-PESA brand in honour of… https://t.co/DNJtCCE5Qx

@masonOVO1 (mason) tweeted:

Wow! Just finished my second month without SEX

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

We were told to go to school...we went. We were told to work hard...we did. Now they tell us to get a working exper… https://t.co/nY3nwoUW6g

@Indepthresearch (Indepth Research) tweeted:

We as Indepth Research Institute want to take this chance to wish #EliudKipchoge the best in the INEOS 1:59 in Vien… https://t.co/9iO8Vpbq1h

@citizentvkenya (Citizen TV Kenya) tweeted:

Air traffic controllers salute @EliudKipchoge on his way to Austria for the attempt on the World Record under two h… https://t.co/rxkTy4xM1n

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