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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
Trend location: Denmark / Denmark
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@DannyDutch (Daniel) tweeted:

Just a young buck grabbing an apple for breakfast. https://t.co/7wUmdp0ADz

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

全集中 水の呼吸 拾ノ型 生生流転 https://t.co/fwvRkCS0bQ

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

.@agnezmo performing her unreleased song for the first time ever in St. Louis, Missouri. 

@dokidoki_live (DokiDoki Live【公式】) tweeted:

ドキ運勢診断✨#プレゼント企画 4連スクショ‼️ドッキちゃんと同じ方から抽選

@lexi4prez (Alexis Isabel ) tweeted:

It’s never just “one bad apple.” The whole tree is rotten. https://t.co/Va3dkyGzhv

@JoeySizz (Joseph Hackett) tweeted:

⁦@RobPlanterJr⁩ and I discuss who the first quarter MVP of the NFL is (and it’s not Patrick Mahomes) at 15:10 and p… https://t.co/mOOSUEflEW

@TaborSAB (Tabor SAB) tweeted:

Hey Tabor Students! Want a chance to win either an Apple watch, AirPods or a tv? All you gotta do is retweet this t… https://t.co/ypvc7MNywo

@iHeartRadio (iHeartRadio) tweeted:

Our iHeartRadio Artist of the Week goes to... @NiallOfficial! He dropped his new song #NiceToMeetYa which was the… https://t.co/UJZPaI5wFD

@eigahiho (映画秘宝) tweeted:

『バンド・オブ・ブラザース』『ザ・パシフィック』に続くスティーヴン・スピルバーグ&トム・ハンクス製作総指揮による第二次世界大戦ドラマシリーズ『Masters of the Air』を、Appleが製作!空軍を描く全9話の作品で、高… https://t.co/zjN7S8NnV8

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

holy fuck this is a nice album https://t.co/odLjQYYuFr

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