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@rjeskow (Richard (RJ) Eskow) tweeted:

I like Sen. Warren. But I used reasonable-to-conservative estimates, based on standard economic models, to reach th… https://t.co/gf4GxMmQUK

@BrandonTensley (Brandon Tensley) tweeted:

I wrote about the mutual lovefest between Elizabeth Warren and her wide and diverse queer fan base. https://t.co/VcqYQe7FV1

@erdmanmolly (Molly Erdman) tweeted:

Returned a library book as Elizabeth Warren today https://t.co/URexv2UTMm

@tomselliott (Tom Elliott) tweeted:

CNN invites 9-year-old transgender boy to ask Sen. Warren a question https://t.co/j0yuNG58qA

@mj_lee (MJ Lee) tweeted:

This Elizabeth Warren answer was quite a moment at CNN #EqualityTownHall https://t.co/ThpI7YSO8M

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Elizabeth Warren has got mad game!

@dbongino (Dan Bongino) tweeted:

The liberal activists in the media attempt to cover up Elizabeth Warren’s latest lie is yet another example of why… https://t.co/SMEm1zj3pN

@thehill (The Hill) tweeted:

Question: What if a supporter says "my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman, what is you… https://t.co/7UXWwK4pNW

@Emilinalala (Black Catz Meowgic ) tweeted:

Y'all, my kids are half Asian. Call them yellow to my face, and I will punch you. Someone sit your girl Liz Warre… https://t.co/eyAZJgOYJp

@gugachacra (Guga Chacra ) tweeted:

Vale a pena ver esta resposta da Elizabeth Warren sobre o que ela diria para algum eleitor contrário a casamentos e… https://t.co/SJ23le0w3T

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