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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Today is International Day of the Girl Child. Let’s encourage our girls to “pursue their dreams, uplift their self-… https://t.co/uIi0VoCdIv

@ksprague08 (Kara Lynn Sprague) tweeted:

Today is #DayOfTheGirl! Join the #MarchForSisterhood to show the world what girls can do when we come together, and… https://t.co/xNIQJ7Lw7n

@refugeelawproj (Refugee Law Project) tweeted:

#DayoftheGirl Speaking at the event in Bidibidi, the Chief Guest, Guest Hon Charity Faridah, District Speaker Yumbe… https://t.co/8NEJhvyvE7

@First1Break (First1Break) tweeted:

Happy #DayoftheGirl

@Brazil_UN_NY (Brazil Mission UN) tweeted:

Happy International #DayoftheGirl !

@JaniesFund (JaniesFund) tweeted:

By empowering and investing in young girls, we can break glass ceilings and the cycle of violence. What message o… https://t.co/j12WfGcV9D

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

The convoy has just arrived at Gafuru primary school and we are truly humbled to have the presence of… https://t.co/uXyEAj67uV

@GMCEndFGM (End FGM) tweeted:

Good luck today @DayaaGroup and @SadearH hosting your #DayoftheGirl regional and media event at Tana River #EndFGM… https://t.co/3L6J7hj1GF

@Activate1M1B (1M1B) tweeted:

We are honored to share that 2 Young Leaders from #Bangaluru we’re featured by award winning journalist @PamelaFalk… https://t.co/t8trHuvUMb

@RonnieScrewvala (Ronnie Screwvala) tweeted:

Eighth wonder of the world! Shattering all stereotypes, here she is again, proving her mettle year after year! You… https://t.co/mSYxXBAKY1

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