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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
Trend location: Denmark / Denmark
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@citiesdiabetes (Cities Diabetes) tweeted:

When @HelleSoeholt, CEO at @citiesforpeople, says “The solution to urban diabetes, is urban planning” she could als… https://t.co/2fuN6sLpxo

@MayorofLondon (Mayor of London (gov) tweeted:

Toxic air is a global health crisis. Cities are leading the way with innovative solutions - like London’s #ULEZ & o… https://t.co/yE8NAv

@SimonBrammer (Simon Brammer) tweeted:

The amazing @KateRaworth making a ‘doughnut’ of neo-liberal, growth economics. Huge breath of fresh air that we are… https://t.co/c4Q1gOjclU

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

#Cleanair is the basic human right! Final preparations before discussing the ways to accelerate on #TheFutureWeWant… https://t.co/yfJ2zCybJI

@LDN_environment (LDNMayor Environment) tweeted:

@RazvanSuta (Razvan Suta) tweeted:

Very insightful session on reducing the #CO2 footprint and #emissions. We have the technology !!! @DanfossDrives A… https://t.co/f5tl2tdyHa

@sudhvir (Sudhvir Singh) tweeted:

Thrilled to be working with @CKICNordic, the City of #Copenhagen and a range of great partners on the "Shifting Urb… https://t.co/5WrNWVov1z

@JohnTory (John Tory) tweeted:

Looking back at an amazing week in Copenhagen at the @C40cities World Mayor’s Summit. I’m so inspired by the enthus… https://t.co/w4JZXMRFMz

@Zolwia (Charlot Kristensen) tweeted:

Just happened to see my work displayed at the summit, that’s pretty wild, again it was a great project to work on a… https://t.co/HXyPd9iwcb

@LarissaBeumer (Larissa Beumer) tweeted:

Great turnout at #Copenhagen #climatemarch today - despite the

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