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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
Trend location: Denmark / Denmark
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@EU_ecoinno (EU Eco-innovation) tweeted:

The #ArcticCircle2019 Assembly is about to start! ⏰ Get ready by checking out all our projects dealing with the Arc… https://t.co/HvDIrX1Flh

@MarieAnnConinsx (Marie-Anne Coninsx) tweeted:

Impressed by ambitious new Scotland’s #Arctic Policy - also showcasing successful projects co-funded by the #EU Nor… https://t.co/5PWQCs0Lis

@GreenlandMFA (Greenland MFA ) tweeted:

Marking a truly historic moment, as @ORGrimsson stated, our four Heads of Representation to Brussels, Copenhagen, R… https://t.co/31TDO4c18p

@MartinJDocherty (Martin Docherty-Hugh) tweeted:

#Scotland being heard across the world

@ArcticInstitute (The Arctic Institute) tweeted:

Attending a panel on #aviation in the #Arctic hosted by @isavia. What are you attending at #ArcticCircle2019? Here… https://t.co/GMFLU4QKHj

@SP_IntRelations (International Relati) tweeted:

And we’re off! Standing room only at @SP_ECCLR session @_Arctic_Circle on climate change from a human rights perspe… https://t.co/rJTuHr41wq

@SvendsenBard (Bård Ivar Svendsen) tweeted:

«Human rights must be promoted and worked for every day». Great panel on leadership, diversity and gender equality… https://t.co/30dvRBUyme

@ArcticCouncil (Arctic Council) tweeted:

#Gender equality is an important element of #sustainabledevelopment During its Chairmanship, Iceland continues to… https://t.co/kzLKCMILdo

@PiotrRakowski (Piotr Rakowski) tweeted:

Nice to see my 2 #Arctic friends from the #EU together on stage during #ArcticCircle2019 plenary session namely Amb… https://t.co/hHLH06wdmF

@PiotrRakowski (Piotr Rakowski) tweeted:

„Can we have #Arctic #euro coin sometime in the future?” asks Amb. J. Vilen from #EuropeanCommission

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