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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

I stan and live by this #ComingOutDay https://t.co/8TJZbzhdMx

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Today is #ComingOutDay so i guess i have to confess that i am part of the Let’s Get Bread Today community

@BCCDCFoundation (BCCDC Foundation) tweeted:

It's #FridayFUNDay check out a msg from our senior development officer, Katie, for two ways you can help #lgbtq2s f… https://t.co/jNLpdpF3aw

@fabiolaarce (Fabiola G. Arce ) tweeted:

Hoy va todo el amor del mundo a las personas que tuvieron ya el coraje de salir del closet, a quienes aún no lo hic… https://t.co/KtmAJclQUE

@TheChiFirstLady (First Lady Amy Eshle) tweeted:

It was so great meeting tennis and LGBTQ icon #BillieJeanKing today on National Coming Out Day — celebrating the po… https://t.co/HQ5D3E5UPp

@MartinYabuy (Eduardo Martinez✨) tweeted:

RT @throwbackagb: Ariana held a speech at the Honeymoon Tour in Dallas about #ComingOutDay 4 years ago today! (11th October 2015) https://t…

@debage01 (Deb #BombaSquad) tweeted:

Today I'll be going out with my wife. We'll run into people we know & people we don't. The people we don't know wil… https://t.co/NQVuis

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @VivoYupi: Lo que sintió Barbara cuando Juls salió del closet... "JULIANA SE SINTIÓ LA MUJER QUE TENÍA QUE SER, esa mujer q tenía atra…

@bookcase_lady (Just a small town ˢ) tweeted:

You see, everybody's got their own path to take.

@jimi_ross (Jimi ) tweeted:

RT @JimmyWhetzel: #ComingOutDay https://t.co/9dElGUR8sn

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