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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @allanimalrights: "I only eat free range". What do you think happens to the male chicks? No matter which country, which farm, they're…

@Bazmotors (Barrie Chalk) tweeted:

RT @MercyForAnimals: Can you feel their misery? This is where they will spend their entire lives until they are sent to slaughter. #WorldE…

@jinnntoki (Jinpai) tweeted:

RT @lemyawn: Happy #WorldEggDay https://t.co/q1CjhgoDl4

@westheweasel (Russell Kelly) tweeted:

RT @jennystape: #WorldEggDay There's loads here! We can make noggy eggs out of them Rupes! *prod prod*... @NormanTheCairn #BovverBoys http…

@westheweasel (Russell Kelly) tweeted:

RT @jennystape: #WorldEggDay Blimey this is a big one bestie....must be a BovverEgg! @NormanTheCairn #BovverBoys https://t.co/GIPwtR7O17

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @Teflon_DSA: Happy #WorldEggDay! In celebration, we've got 8 little nifty egg separators to give away, courtesy of Teflon™ non-stick coa…

@azzylinnn (ais) tweeted:

RT @Beccaasauruss: @World_Egg_Day No thanks. I'd rather get all I needed from plants ✌️ #WorldEggDay https://t.co/dazre8a76d https://t.co/e…

@sharmilaxx (sharmila chowdhury) tweeted:

RT @allanimalrights: "Gimmie That Peckin Apple". Bertha wants an apple... She also wants you to check out #WorldEggDay tweets by her vega…

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

RT @thevegansnuts: Eggs are a chicken's period.. Don't eat that shit! #WorldEggDay #vegan #govegan There are plenty alternatives, please tr…

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