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Trend time: Sat Oct 12, 2019
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@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@TeaPainUSA Exactly what Trump’s asylum seekers’ policies/cages are about. Overcrowded conditions, poor sanitation,… https://t.co/tLcJ89epaL

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

@dr0lst0n @srilaura Sadly this is what is happening to America #ImpeachAndRemove https://t.co/jJ6XWg3o5r

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Raise your hand if you think Michael Cohen is fluffing the pillow on the bottom bunk for Rudy!… https://t.co/RjDqMDjyQd

@Arriadna (Arriadna) tweeted:

@JCTheResistance #ImpeachAndRemove

@ArtaGene (ArtaGene) tweeted:

@JoshuaPotash @SpeakerPelosi loves the Country. She is not attacking our Country. She is working on using her con… https://t.co/Ddz4zbeIC5

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

If you didn’t think #DonaldTrumpJr was a “son of a #pussyassbitch” before, #SaturdayMorning’s a good time to start.… https://t.co/FOeJmjakuP

@StevenL57 (Steven Leibowitz) tweeted:

More blood on the despicable #Trump. The @GOP has let him run the presidency as a personal asset to his interests w… https://t.co/TYuWVQmiAx

@TestySally (TheGoodWitch) tweeted:

@mehdirhasan He is sending troops to the country that was responsible for 9/11 and murdered an American journalist.… https://t.co/T9dfnsneJp

@lesleyabravanel (Lesley Abravanel) tweeted:

@realDonaldTrump Not trying to come up with an alibi for hanging out with #RudyColludy’s felonious clients!… https://t.co/jXYoyujt4x

@Goss30Goss (Andrew Goss ) tweeted:

@realDonaldTrump @PeteHegseth You're selling out our military to the highest bidder. A Country that has strong ties… https://t.co/1HXUZk5bM7

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