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@MKleinMD (Matt Klein) tweeted:

Amount & favorability of contact with LGBT ppl, reported during the final semester of med school, predicted ⬇️expli… https://t.co/K7fOTO

@_crisRhodes (Dr. Cristina Rhodes) tweeted:

Fate would have it that on this #NationalComingOutDay we’re reading one of my favorite queer books, When the Moon w… https://t.co/Mu90kEiNXV

@MrPresident (Mr. President) tweeted:

30 years ago 'promoting homosexuality' was legislated against. Yesterday, Mr. P and @StonewallUK won an … https://t.co/i5WXlf5fCM

@robertnulrich (Rob Ulrich, M.S. (he) tweeted:

In the future, I’m hope that people won’t need to “come out” because being queer and/or trans will have become norm… https://t.co/AFbUq5MxAd

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

Happy #NationalComingOutDay Coming out is knowing ur family, ur neighborhood, ur surroundings, ur own support sy… https://t.co/e7cPXQIfD0

@MeetMichael_ (Michael Fasullo) tweeted:

Thanks, B! #NationalComingOutDay https://t.co/GCArUQOBeM https://t.co/enAIKMa1Fk

@sweetenersIut (jeremy) tweeted:

thank you for this song and making this a little difficult but easy to say :) @ArianaGrande #NationalComingOutDay https://t.co/8K2HvtNLbh

@N/A (N/A) tweeted:

In a honor of #NationalComingOutDay reply with your favorite selfie of yourself I’ll go first https://t.co/nKZWUur8B7

@neatpotatoes (zach) tweeted:

happy #nationalcomingoutday

@PamelaHorton13 (PameLeoric @ #BlizzC) tweeted:

It’s #NationalComingOutDay! Here’s a sickpam officially talking about her sexuality: https://t.co/KUD8eXuixB I’ll… https://t.co/pq3LTYyqfS

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